Facing life under an increasingly authoritarian government, a group of teens find themselves in a fight for their freedom...and their lives.
When the world around them erupts into chaos and violence, Revel and her friends are forced to make a choice. Will they embrace nationalism and serve the state in order to protect the ones they love, or will they risk everything and just maybe change the world?
Freedom can disappear in an instant when power goes unchecked.
16 year old Revel Rhodes has recently discovered that not all authority figures are deserving of respect. When a beloved teacher falls victim to an unjust system, Revel makes a rash decision that will change the lives of everyone she knows.
Sometimes doing the right thing means breaking all the rules.
Sometimes you need to DISOBEY.
Actions have consequences, but NO ONE could have predicted THIS!
Revel's fiery speech struck a nerve and North Acheron High School has dissolved into chaos. When teacher's can't regain control, Domestic Security Forces step in and everything goes from bad to worse.
No one's life will ever be the same.
Four dead and hundreds in custody - but where are Revel and Rodent? 
Angry families demand the release of their children, but authorities are focussed on the manhunt for the leaders of the NAHS riot. The city of Acheron is a powder keg about to explode.
The Revel Rhodes Saga continues in The ECHO...
An inspired young reporter throws caution to the wind and heads to Acheron to cover the aftermath of the Riot at North Acheron High School. Nightly protests and growing animosity between the haves and the have-nots lead to a city that is spiraling out of control.
Follow along as our anonymous writer covers it all in
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