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This 68 page anthology features Ohio legends and was created entirely by artists and writers in Ohio.  Read about Helltown, the Serpent in the Sky, a river that literally caught fire, and more.




Todd Zverloff/Kevin Kuder

Rodney Fyke

Eric VanRaepenbusch/Nicholas J. Marcellus

Scott Bachmann/Daniel Gorman/David Wilson

Aaron Lindeman

Joe Wood/Ethan DeBoard

John Booth/Aaron Archer/AJ Sabino

Caleb Thusat/Carrie Arnold

David Wilson

Todd Zverloff/Chris Kasmer

Todd Zverloff/Adam Fields


With Pinups by:

Jason Christner

Sean Forney

Adam Fields

Cory Holliday

Chris Kasmar


Published by Singularity Studios, 2020

Published by ElectroMagnetic Press


Along A Burning River: Stories From Ohio

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