Video Implicates VP, DSF

Updated: Jun 16

It has been three days since the NAHS riot. Most of the student body is still in custody and we have heard little from authorities. One of our few sources of new information has been the social media accounts of the witnesses. Students and staff have been eerily silent since the riot, but their posts from that day give us a time-stamped record of what was happening in different areas of the school throughout the day. It will take time to sift through the literally thousands of posts, and all of the information will need to be verified before it can be counted as fact, but we are already seeing some extremely disturbing evidence emerging.

A recording of a livestream began circulating online lat last night. In it, we see a young man lying on his side on a tile floor. The air around him is thick with smoke. He holds his phone with one hand and his abdomen with the other. The right side of his shirt is soaked with blood. His voice shakes and he struggles to speak, but his words are clear.

"My name is Scott Tisdale.

I am a student teacher at north Acheron High School and I have been shot by DSF.

Vice Principal Rarick was the shooter today. I was there when he fired the shot that killed Principal O'keefe. I told them this when I called 911 to report the shooting.

A group of students were able to capture Rarick and take his weapon, and DSF were cleared to shoot them. They knew Rarick was the shooter and they were going to kill the kids anyway.

I tried to stop them. I wanted someone to know, just in case."

From the beginning, we have been told that it was students who opened fire in the high school, killing Principal O'keefe and attacking DSF officers. The unidentified shooters we believed to have blended in with the other students during evacuation and this was the primary justification for the detention of hundreds of students.

Tisdale's account directly contradicts this narrative by placing the weapon in the hands of a school administrator, not a student. He names Vice Principal Rarick in the shooting death of Principal O'keefe. He also accuses DSF officers of shooting him and of knowingly targeting innocent students.

Tisdale has not been seen or heard from publicly since his broadcast, leaving the city of Acheron with a number or crucial questions.

1. Should we believe Tisdale?

Social media posts from NAHS students place Tisdale in a sophomore English class when the disruption began. At least one student specifically mentions Tisdale leaving the classroom and heading towards the cafeteria after fighting spilled out into the hallway. Unofficial reports have indentified this as the location where Principal O'keefe was shot. So far, the evidence we have supports the likelihood that Tisdale was witness to the shooting that killed O'keefe.

911 call logs could easily confirm if Tisdale reported the shooting and whether or not he identified the shooter to authorities, but DSF policy classifies all audio and video recordings as evidence and prohibits their public release during an active investigation. Authorities know what happened. They have the evidence - and they're not going to show us.

2. Did DSF know the identity of the shooter?

All 911 calls are automatically transcribed in real time. It is the dispatcher's job to ask questions that will gather more detailed information from the caller and to ensure that the information they are given is transcribed accurately. School shootings are automatically flagged in the system as Level 1 emergencies, immediately sending notifications to key personal at DSF Command in order to facilitate a quick and large scale response.

Assuming all protocols were followed, Tisdale's claims would mean that DSF Command was aware of the presumed identity of the shooter before officers were dispatched.

Did the automated system fail? Did DSF Command fail to relay the information to members of the tactical team? Or did they disregard the information altogether?

Is it possible that DSF knew the shooter's identity and targeted students anyway?

3. Where is Vice Principal Rarick?

Rarick was identified to officials as the shooter by a member of the faculty, but we have no evidence that he was ever questioned or taken into custody. if students were able to capture and disarm him, as Tisdale claims, what happened to him? Was he set loose by authorities? Did he find a way to escape? Should authorities be searching for this potential murderer?

We have heard no mention of Rarick from city or school officials. A list of students detained during the riot was released late last night, but it does not include the status of any of the faculty or staff that were in the building. I tried contacting Mr. Rarick directly, but his phone line has been disconnected and I have received no response to emails or attempts to contact him at his residence.

4. What happened to Scott Tisdale?

The video does not definitively prove what happened to Tisdale or who did it, but we can plainly see that he is seriously injured and struggling to breathe. It would come as no surprise to learn that he succumbed to his injuries in that very spot, but his name did not appear among the list of injured and killed.

I reached out to and was able to speak with a member of Tisdale's family early this morning. She says they have not seen or heard from Scott since he left for work on Tuesday, and officials have given them no answer as to his whereabouts. Family members now fear that Scott may have been targeted by DSF because of the information in his broadcast.


Zone 6 regulations allow school administrators to possess a loaded firearm on school grounds provided it is registered and properly stored. Public records show that NAHS has applied for and received two weapons permits for this school year. There is no way to verify if administrators had weapons on school premises the day of the riot.

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