Thousands Protest Worldwide

Updated: Jul 7

Thousands of protesters around the world have taken to the streets to demand justice for the students of North Acheron High School.

Last night marked the 4th consecutive night of protests following the riot at North Acheron High School. 5 people have been killed. 647 NAHS students remain in DSF custody. Not one of the detained students has been officially charged with a crime.

Yesterday, thousands of people in cities around the world rallied in support of the imprisoned students.

In North America, large crowds gathered outside DSF headquarters in dozens of cities from Acapulco to Manitoba, and from Vancouver to Halifax. They waved signs reading "No Justice! No Peace!" and "Children Have Rights!"

In Brazil, where local insurgents have been waging war against a COND military forces for over a year, protesters used tannerite to blow up railway supply lines. Stranded trains were looted and tagged with the words "Morte para Facistas!" or "Death to Fascists!"

Denica Ebru (the former head of the European Union, currently living in exile in India) said she was "shocked and appalled" at the unjust incarceration of hundreds of children and the continued denial of due process. She called the move a "blatant abuse of power" and alluded to the growing unrest in COND's eastern territories and member countries.

Europe saw large protests in a number of former capitals including London, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, Rome, Vienna and Minsk. In Paris, protesters surrounded the presidential palace, barricading the streets and setting large fires. DSF used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd just before dawn. Paris firefighters have sided with the protesters and refused to put out the fires.

Protests in Asia were smaller in scale with one notable exception. A march in Tokyo included approximately 6,000 protesters carrying signs reading "Independence Now" and chanting "Fuck DSF! Fuck COND!" Japan has seen months of unrest as citizens push for Japanese withdrawal from the Confederation of National Democracies.

Many of the people protesting solidarity with NAHS students have witnessed violent abuses in their own cities. Whether it's at the hands of Domestic Security Forces within COND territories or COND military forces abroad, it seems the world has finally had enough of their unchecked power.

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