The Police Lie.

The police lie.

We have the receipts to prove it. It's more common than you think.

We live in a surveillance state. Right or wrong, everything we do outside (and sometimes inside) of our own homes stands a good chance of being recorded. Traffic cameras. Security cameras. Doorbell cameras. Even drones in the sky above us. We are being surveilled by private citizens, by businesses and by government agencies every day just in case we step out of line - and the wisest among us remember it every time we walk out the door.

As a society, we have accepted surveillance as part of life. We allow ourselves to be filmed because, at least in theory, the presence of cameras will deter criminal conduct. If this is true, it begs the question:


Past attempts at police reform have seen the widespread implementation of body cams and dash cams specifically intended to record the action of police and prevent misconduct. To the surprise of no one, these cameras are regularly turned off or "malfunctioning" when they are needed most. Even when they are functioning properly, the police and local officials remain in control of who gets to see these video and when, allowing evidence of misconduct to be hidden from the public with relative ease. Police do not have to fear body and dash cam footage when they know their misdeeds will be covered up. these cameras only exist to provide the public with the illusion of reform and accountability.


Cell phones. Hundreds of thousands of them, shoved into pockets and thrown into bags. We take them everywhere we go - and the overwhelming majority of them have the capability of both recording AND live streaming video with the touch of a button.

Recent days have seen the media flooded with cell phone footage providing evidence that police and city officials have been blatantly lying to the public, but this is not a new phenomenon. Cell phones have had the ability to record video since 2002. A quick internet search will provide a nearly inexhaustible list of proven and documented lies. Here are just a few:

Feds Drop Gun Charges After Video Shows Officer Lied

Video Shows Norwood Police Officer Beat Man with Baton, Officer Sued for Excessive Force

Chicago Cop Should Be Fired after Video Shows He Lied about Fatal Shooting of 19-Year-Old, Investigators Say

Buffalo Police Said Protester with Head Wound "Tripped and Fell." Video Shows They Lied.

Chicago Police Department Moves to Fire Three Officers for Misconduct, Lying to Investigators

A Man Killed Himself After a Police Officer Lied, Saying He'd Seriously Hurt Someone in a Hit-and-Run

Baltimore Police Officer Found Guilty of Fabricating Evidence...

Barr Says Police Didn't Use Chemical Irritants to Clear Area by DC Church. They did.

Officer Involved: Video Shows Baltimore Police Arrest, Tase Woman for Recording Them

Former Brooklyn Cop Gets One Day in Jail After Video Proves He Lied about Arrest Attempt

Inkster Cops Lied About Drugs After Beat Down

Video Exposes Reality on Police Lies

Videos Often Contradict What Police Say in Reports. Here's Why Some Officers Continue to Lie.

Without the video recorded by regular people like you and me, we would never know the truth about any of these cases. We would have nothing to go on but the word of authorities - which is the practical equivalent of hearsay and never comes without bias.

Cell phone videos are our best line of defense against police misconduct. Don't go out unarmed. Charge your battery. Have memory available. Know how to live stream. You camera might save a life, and if not it can at least help provide justice if things end badly.

The bottom line?


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