The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 8)


U.S. Citizens were living under martial law for years before Resettlement, but Canada had remained mostly peaceful through their transition into COND. Outside of a few hot spots in Toronto and Van Couver, there was never any need for peacekeeping troops up here.

Resettlement moved the US/Canada border north, in exchange for Alaska, Vermont and New Hampshire. As a new US city, Acheron's local police force was dissolved and replaced with a DSF unit. Soldiers patrolled these streets for the first time despite no tangible need for added security. Residents of the city, 46% of whom claim refugee status, consider the troops hostile and propagandistic.

When DSF announced their intention to take over use of City Hall, the mayor resisted. he had Victoria Square and all of its original buildings registered as historical landmarks, restricting their use to their original purpose. DSF recognized the slight and built a new administration building on an open corner that had once held a green space and picnic area. Their modern man of glass and concrete sits directly across the street from City Hall, and looms 2 stories taller.


[Image 1: The narrator stands before the triple arch entrance to Acheron City Hall. The massive building is made of dark brick, stands 6 stories tall and stretches nearly the entire width of Victoria Square.

"One of the many consequences of abandoning my job is that I no longer have proper press credentials. The chances of getting a statement from the city were slim, but trying felt more productive than sitting around waiting for something to happen."

Image 2: Outside of panel, the narrator is distracted from City Hall by a noise and looks to the right to find the source. A path of music notes follows their gaze into the panel, across the front of city hall and wrapping around the corner. The COND / Domestic Security administration building faces directly into the side of City Hall. A line of armed DSF agents span the entrance, preventing anyone from entering.

"They sang so softly, I didn't hear them until I was within a few feet of the building..."]


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