The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 3)

NNN must have thought this was odd, too. They sent a live crew to cover the protest instead of sticking to the more cost effective method of scouring social media for usable footage. The extra expense was worth it. They were able to broadcast a stunning, wide shot of Victoria Square complete with thousands of screaming protesters, against the backdrop of CityHall and the DSF Administration Building. It was all rather cinematic, right up until the point it stopped.

There was a muffled bang, the sound of screaming, and then...nothing.

DSF and city officials are saying an unknown person in the crowd discharged a weapon. The distinctive sound of a gunshot induced the kind of instant panic that only exists in a country plagued by mass shootings. Protesters fled for cover in every direction fully aware of how much damage a single shooter could do to a large crowd in an open space. People were injured in the scuffle, but no deaths have been reported. The square is empty and quiet now. There is no reason to be alarmed.

But I am alarmed. Something about this just feels wrong.

I'm scheduled to be on a flight to Brussels at 5:30. Four years of tireless work and my newly acquired honors degree in journalism has landed me my dream job - Junior Correspondent in the European division of the C.O.N.D. Press Core. I've want this job my entire life. Travel. Excitement. Insider access. My bags are packed and my farewells have been made. The ticket to my future is literally sitting on the desk in front of me.

I'm not going to Brussels.


[Image 1: From behind, we see a person pulling the door shut behind them as they exit the dorm room. The person's face is concealed by a raised hood. They carry a suitcase and backpack. One shoe is untied.]

[Image 2: An airplane flies above clouds glowing in moonlight against the darkened sky.]


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