The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 22)


[Image 1: Overhead shot shows an urban business district. It is after dark but the street lights are on and the area is well lit from the active businesses. Two streets meet at an intersection in the bottom, left corner. The street crossing from the left has moderate traffic. A streetcar is stopped at the corner and people are stepping off. The cross street has been blocked off to vehicle traffic and is lined with restaurants and coffee shops. Outdoor patios and balconies are packed with diners. The sidewalks are not crowded, but have a good number of people walking to and from their destinations, walking their dogs, or stopped to converse. A handful of people in dark, hooded jackets are standing in the street. Some have backpacks. Others carry plastic grocery sacks. They appear to be waiting on something.

Image 2: A vertical shot shows the journalist stepping off a streetcar. They wear the same jeans and jacket as before, and their hair is once again tied back tight and hidden under a ball cap. The journalist's hand rests on their messenger bag, strapped diagonally across their chest, but they no longer have a camera visible.

Image 3: We look over the journalists shoulder and down the restaurant lined street. The group of hooded people in the street is growing. Their are enough to mostly block the view of the patio diners beyond. They are dressed head to toe in dark clothing and wear masks or bandanas over their faces. The uniform dark clothing makes it difficult to tell one person from the next and makes it hard to distinguish details when they are grouped together. The loose groups of three and four are coming together to form a single mass. One hooded and masked figure crosses the street on the near side of the group, turning their head to meet the journalist's gaze with a suspicious one of their own.


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