The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 21)


Image 1: A young man with floppy hair and a blood soaked shirt lies on a tile floor in front of a concrete block. He looks directly into the camera.


We have not heard from a single N.A.H.S. student since the riot that tocked their school two days ago. Most are in D.S.F. custody. The rest are wanted for questioning. Their voices may be silenced now, but they had plenty to say during the riot.

Social media accounts belonging to students and staff have provided us with a time stamped record of events. It will take time to sift through the literally thousands of posts, and all information will need to be verified before it can be counted as fact, but we are already seeing some extremely disturbing evidence emerging.

A bootleg recording of a livestream began circulating online late last night. In it we see a young man lying on his side on a tile floor. The air around him is thick with smoke. he holds his phone in one hand and his abdomen in the other. His shirt is soaked with blood. A shaky voice delivers a startling message:

"My name is Scott Tisdale. I am a student teacher at North Acheron High School, and I have been shot by D.S.F.! Vice Principal Rarick was the shooter today. I was there when he fired the shot that killed Principal O'keefe. I told them this when I called 911 to report the shooting.

A group of students were able to capture Rarick and take his weapon. D.S.F. were cleared to shoot them. They knew Rarick was the shooter and they were going to kill the kids anyway. I tried to stop them. i wanted someone to know...just in case."

From the beginning, we have been told that it was students who opened fire in the high school, killing two juveniles, Principal O'keefe and a D.S.F. officer. The unidentified shooters were said to have blended in with other students during evacuation and were listed as the primary justification for the detention of hundreds of students.

Tisdale's account directly contradicts this narrative by placing the weapon in the hands of a school administrator. He names Rarick in the shooting death of Principal O'keefe, and accuses D.S.F. oficers of both shooting him and ofknowingly targeting innocent studetns. Tisdale has not been seen or heard from since his broadcast, leaving the city of Acheron with a anumber od critical questions, beginning with:


Social media posts from N.A.H.S. students place Tisdale in a sophomore English class when the disruption began. At last one student specifically mentions Tisdale leaving the classroom and heading towards the comons area after fighting spilled into the hallways. Unofficial reports have identified this as the location were Principal O'keefe was shot. So far, the evidence we have supports the likelihood that Tisdale was in the area at the time of the shooting.

911 call logs could confirm if Tisdale reported the shoting and if he identified the shooter to authorities, but D.S.F. policy classifies all audio and video recordings as evidence and prohibits their public release during an active investigation. Authorities know if Tisdale's claims are true, but they are not sharing that information.


All 911 calls are automatically transcribed in real time. It is the dispathcer's job to ask questions that will gather more detaile dinformation from the caller, and to ensure that the information they are given is transcribed accurately. School shootings are automatically flagged in the system as level 1 emergencies, triggering immediate notification to key personnel at D.S.F. Command in order to facilitate a quick and large scale response.

Assuming all protocols were followed, Tisdale's claims would mean that D.S.F. Command was aware of the presumed identity of the shooter BEFORE officers were dispatched.

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Image 2: A wide shot of a city street fills the width of the page. An electric street car fills half of the frame. It reads "304 King W" on the front and the advertising space on the side is filled with a wanted notice. Beyond the street car are the bustling businesses of King St. Diners eat on crowded patios. Lighted apartment windows are seen in the floors above the street level businesses.


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