The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 20)


[Image 1: The journalist is seen on a balcony, sliding a key card into a motel room door. We can see more rows of rooms above and below, but no one else is in sight and windows are dark or have the curtains closed.

Image 2: The journalist is seated at a small table inside the motel room, eating a hamburger with one hand and working on a laptop with the other. A wrapper is spread out over top of a spiral notebook, topped with a pair of tomato slices that have been removed from the burger. A disposable cup and a stack of notes fill the remaining space on the table. The curtains are open in the background, and it appears dark outside.

Image 3: We see the first unguarded image of the journalist. She has taken off her bulky sweatshirt and hat, and pulled her shoulder length hair out of the band that had tied it back all day. Flopped crossways the still made bed, her phone lies nearby as she watches the evening news. The motel room beyond looks tidy, but cheap and badly in need of an update. Wood paneled walls and 80s decor fill the room with texture in every direction.

Image 4: We see a close up of the journalists phone. A notification has popped up on the otherwise black screen. It reads:


HEisRISEN #biblestudy Roro: 110 King St W - 1 hour

Image 5: We look down into the journalists bag, which has been set on a chair with the top flap flipped open over the back. It has been carefully packed with a large bottle of water, a spiral notebook, a package of turkey jerk, 3 granola bars, an external battery pack and a charging cord. On the table we see the journalist's phone, and a press pass that reads "University of Texas - Austin."

- - -


It has taken authorities over 48 hours, but we finally have a list of the students who were detained for questioning by D.S.F. following the N.A.H.S. riot.

The list includes the names of 647 students who are currently in cusotdy at West Central Juvenile Detention Facility or being treated for injuries at Northside Hospital. No additional information or individual statuses are available at this time.

Public records indicate that current enrollment at N.A.H.S. is 812 students. This means that there re 163 students (plus two deceased) who are NOT accounted for in the official record. The whereabouts of these students are currently unknown.

Authorities have announced that all N.A.H.S. students are wanted for questioning. Students who are not in custody have been asked to come forward voluntariy to give testimony. Students who choose not to come forward in the next 72 hours will be considered suspects and may be detained on site.

Access the list of detaines students here:

- - -

Image 6: A bald man with a beard and glasses speaks into a megaphone.


It has now been confirmed that a 5th person has died in connection to the riot at N.A.H.S.

32 year old journalist Myles Schneider was covering the protest at Victoria Square for local newspaper "The Acheron Herald" when he fell victim to the accidental gunfire that ended the demonstration.

Witnesses say Schneider had climbed to the top of a van belonging to an N.N.N. camera crew. he was holdinga megaphone and witnesses closest to his location believe he was trying to address the crowd when a gun discharged, striking him in the temple. Rescue workers have confirmed that Schneider died on the scene.

D.S.F> officers have detained and charged 24 year old Riad Abdi on manslaughter and weapons charges. Abdi is a masters student at Acheron University. He has no known criminal record.

- - -


We have reson to believe that a number of N.A.H.S. students wre able to avoid capture by D.S.F. There is evidence that a small portion of the student body participated in a walkout as part of the political demonstration early in the morning, and that others were able to escape through an unguarded exit during evactuation. If true, these students are our best chance of finding out what really happened that day.

If you or anyone you know was at N.A.H.S. on Sept. 12, I would like to hear from you. I am an independent and unsanctioned journalist. I have no connection with local or national authorities, and I do not ask for any information that could reveal your identity. I am specifically seeking any verifiable information to either confirm or disprove the official narrative from D.S.F. and city officials.

If you have a story to chare, please contact me at


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