The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 19)


Image 1: The old man and the journalist continue their discussion on the sidewalk. The journalist answered the old man's question:

"Yeah, of course."

The old man responds with a smile:

"Wonderful! Wait here for a moment..."

Image 2: We see the journalist looking down a long side street between large buildings/ The windows on one side of the street are covered in plywood. The windows on the other side have bars across them on the first floor. The street ends at the end of the block and we can see a delivery truck passing through the intersection. Midway down the block on the side opposite the journalist, we see the back end of the old man as he slips down a narrow alley between buildings.

Image 3: The journalist has moved down the side street and we can see down the narrow alley. The old man is returning with a previously unseen character. He is in his early 20s, with close cropped dark hair, a goatee and an eyebrow piercing. He wears a retro style button down shirt, long shorts, and tennis shoes with crew socks pulled halfway up his shins. They converse in a foreign language.

Image 4: The new man greets the journalist with a smile and extends an open palm, but not for a handshake.

"Welcome aboard, mat! Lemme see that phone a sec."

The journalist replies:

"Um...okay....I'm not recording or anything."

Image 5: The new man looks up with a sideways grin as he fidgets with the journalist's phone.

"Haha. I hope not. That wouldn't be a good way to start, would it? I'm adding you to our discord chat. You're gonna get an invite to a bible study group tonight. It'll have an address and a time. Come prepared for anything. Don't write down any names and no pics of unmasked faces. Comprende?"

The journalist replies:

"Sure thing. You have my word."

The new man closes the conversation:

"Cool. Tonight is gonna be fun! Don't be late. Haha"

- - -


WHAT WE KNOW: [continued]

...injured by the bullet, but the sound of gunfire sent protesters fleeing in every direction and several people were injured in the panic.

• D.S.F. have detained a suspect and are expected to file charges for illegal firearms possession and unlawful discharge of a weapon.

• City officials announce that Victoria Square will be closed for the day to allow city officials to safely conduct business. All D.S.F. buildings will remain on lock down until further notice.

*As of the writing of this article, no additional information has been provided regarding student release.


Due to the sensitive nature of many stories appearing in The Echo, it is necessary for the identities of sources to be protected. For this reason, many names have been changed. Nicknames were assigned by the author and do not reflect names or aliases used by the individual.

The stories to come depict people breaking the law and committing acts of violence. The Echo does not support or condone illegal activity, and The Echo is not taking a side in this disturbance. Names and inconsequential details may be changed to protect sources, but the stories are true.


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