The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 18)


[Image 1: The old man and the journalist walk down the sidewalk, away from the photo vigil. As they walk, the old man continues his answer from the previous page:

"You see, it's not the mayor or D.S.F. that need to remember these faces. It's everyone else. These families are in no position to put up any real fight. D.S.F. have their kids. They have too much to lose and no leverage.

But there are others out there who do have it in them to fight. - People who have been victims of D.S.F. in the past...People who have moved past their pain to anger...People with nothing left to lose. Today is about reaching them. "

Image 2: Close up shot of the old man as he pauses in front of a large window to continue:

"The only way we can put pressure on the government is to show up in massive numbers. We need to activate allies, which means we need press...Ideally, independent press...If you'd be willing to agree to a few conditions, I can get you full access to the fight."

Image 3: The journalist replies:

"What kind of conditions?"

The old man answers:

"Don't worry. No one is going to tell you what to write, but they'll need you to protect their identities...and I'll need your word that you'll show them the respect they deserve. These are real people, and they are risking a great deal. I want you to get to know them, to listen to what they are saying and write about it honestly. Can you do that?"

- - -

ARTICLE: WHAT WE KNOW...[continued]

7:15 PM

• Unconfirmed reports that the mayor and city officials are trapped inside City Hall spread. Hundreds more head to Victoria Square to demand the release of students.

• D.S.F. use large city maintenance vehicles to block roadways in an attempt to impede citizens heading downtown.

• Sign carrying protesters divert from the streets and overtake subway cars as they head towards City Hall. D.S.F. officers attempt to block their entry at some stations but are overwhelmed.

8:45 PM

• A crowd of several thousand protesters has gathered in front of City Hall and people continue to stream into Victoria Square from all directions.

• D.S.F. have barricaded main roads into the city center and are prohibiting entry to Victoria Square. Many who are turned away double back and access the square through alleys and neighboring businesses.

• Local and national media cover the growing protest extensively. An NNN camera crew is positioned a few hundred yards from the steps to City Hall and is providing a live stream to global audiences.

11:12 PM

• A muffled crack is heard above the chants of angry protesters. There is a momentary hush and then the sound of screaming.

• The live feed goes black.

6:00 AM, Thursday, Sept. 14 (Today)

• Local morning news reports the protest in Victoria Square was interrupted when a man in attendance accidentally discharged his weapon in the crowd. No one was

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