The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 17)


[Image 1: Overhead shot shows the old man approach the journalist, both looking down over a see of picture frames holding the photos of missing and incarcerated children. The old man speaks first:

"Were you able to find a story?"

The journalist replies:

"Oh yeah. More than one...Really moving stuff, too, but...

Do you honestly think any of this is going to make a difference?"

Image 2: Closer shot of journalist speaking to the old man:

"I don't mean to sound like a jerk. I've covered a lot of politicians. They don't care. At most, they'll stop by for a photo op. Why should I exploit this grief if the folks in charge won't care?

The old man replies:

"Because this isn't about reaching the people in charge. Not yet, anyway."

Image 3: The old man looks over his shoulder at a group of people gathering in the small yard along the side of City Hall. A teen girl in overalls stands on a blanket with a much younger girl, who is holding the photo of their missing brother. The teacher the journalist just interviewed is saying something to the teen as he passes by, pausing long enough to put a hand on her shoulder and give her a smile. He is speaking, but we do not know what he says. Approaching the group is a young couple carrying stacks of pizzas.

The old man continues speaking to the journalist as they watch the scene unfold:

"Protests work in lots of different ways. The simple act of being here brings comfort and purpose to people who don't know what else to do. It also brings community support to people who desperately need it right now, and that's enough to justify the effort -

but with YOUR help, we could do a lot more..."

- - -

ARTICLE: WHAT WE KNOW... [continued]

10:10 AM

• Angry parents and family members begin gathering outside school and city offices demanding information on the status of their children.

12:20 PM

• D.S.F. release a written statement informing the public that, due to a credible threat to the safety of city employees, D.S.F. offices and patrol stations have been placed on lockdown. Buildings will remain closed to the public until further notice.

2:00 PM

• A solidarity vigil organized by students begins at South Acheron High School. They encourage authorities to release information on the detained students.

3:30 PM

• Families gather outside D.S.F. patrol stations. Denied entry, they carry signs and yell slurs at officers as they enter and exit the buildings. Some demonstrators demand information, but calls for the immediate release of all students grow more prominent. Cries of "innocent until proven guilty" are heard. Stations place armed officers at entrances to keep angry citizens at a distance.

6:00 PM

• Smaller, localized protests begin organized marches converging on City Hall. The crowd in Victoria Square grows rapidly. D.S.F. posts riot response teams outside city hall and their nearby administrative building.

•Evening news broadcasts gloss over the demonstrations and focus on the manhunt for riot suspects Rhodes and Pierce, promising anonymity and cash rewards to informants.

6:35 PM

• First reports of vandalism and broken windows appear on social media. More groups organize and head to Victoria Square.


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