The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 13)


[Image: The journalist and the old man frame the left and right side of the image in the foreground. Beyond them, we see a single young woman kneeling on the sidewalk, clasping a picture frame in front of her as she stares defiantly into a wall of armed DSF agents in riot gear who are blocking the entrance to DSF headquarters. None of the agents will meet her gaze. Beyond her, a growing line of angry parents and family members wait for news of their detained children.


"Now that I'm standing here, I realize how dumb that sounds...

This is intense! I assume these are the parents?"

Old Man:

"Would you like me to introduce you?"

- - -

ARTICLE: WHAT WE KNOW... [Continued from page 11]

leading students out in single file lines. Students are seated in the yard outside the building to await transport.

• Students are witnessed actively resisting DSF instructions during evacuation. Local news broadcasts footage of students being handcuffed and place din the back of DSF cruisers.

1:40 PM

• Busses arrive on scene to transport students. Parents are told they are being taken to the designated reunification site in a nearby parking lot. Parents depart from the school to pick up their children.

2:15 PM

• A large group of parents are gathered at the pickup location, but no transports have arrived. Local news broadcasts from the scene show the growing agitation among the waiting families.

• Acheron DSF Captain Burgess makes a statement to the press from DSF headquarters confirming the following events:

- A student political portest at the high school evolved into an uncontrolled riot.

- Students, faculty members and the school resource officer were assaulted.

- A weapon was fired inside the building, triggering a lock down and active shooter

response from DSF.

- NAHS principal James O'Keefe was struck by a bullet and killed.

- DSF officers were ambushed by students upon entering the building. Use of force was

required and authorized in an attempt to neutralize the threat.

- DSF Officer Terry Butler lost his life during the altercation.

- The smoke seen coming out of the school was a result of a non-toxic chemical fire

suppressant. There was no evidence of fire within the building. It is believed a student

triggered the fire alarm.

- Students were transported to the West Central Detention Facility instead of the designatied

pick-up location in order to allow DSF officers time to distinguish between student

perpetrators and innocent bystanders.

- Guardians will be notified directly when their students are cleared and available for pick-

up. They are instructed to return home while they wait.

- DSF requests patience from the families as they continue their investigation and thanks

them in advance for their cooperation.

4:10 PM

• Cpt. Burgess gives a second statement announcing a manhunt for 2 students believed to be the ring-leaders of the day's events at NAHS. He asks the community to be on alert as they search and offers a reward for information leading to their arrest.

• The emergency alert system is activated to spread information about the wanted suspects to the community. Residents receive sms alerts, email notifications and social media alerts, and photos of the suspects are posted throughout the city.

[To be continued...]


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