The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 11)


[Image 1: Close up shot of the journalists eyes which are opened wide with surprise.


Image 2: The old man gestures in a friendly way at the journalist and says

"No need to be nervous. I'm only asking if you're press."

The journalist replies:

"Sort of? I'm...a student"

Image 3: The old man moves next to the journalist and wraps an arm lightly around his back as he speaks:

"Well, we'll take what we can get, I suppose. Are you local?"

The journalist replies:

"No, sir. U.T. Austin."

- - -

ARTICLE: WHAT WE KNOW... [Continued]

• At this time it is also reported that the NAHS Resource Officer, Lieutenant John Elks, has been seriously injured in an altercation with students and is no longer capable of performing security duties. DSF assistance is formally and urgently requested.

• Captain Burgess dispatches the 2 nearest DSF unites to the high school and puts an additional 4 units on standby.

12:30 PM

• Multiple 911 calls are placed reporting gunfire inside NAHS. School administrators initiate lockdown procedures, instructing students and staff to shelter in place until the threat is cleared.

• Captain Burgess orders all available DSF units to respond immediately to an active shooter situation at North Acheron High School.

DSF records show that the first officers arrived approximately 6 minutes after gunfire was reported.

• Upon arriving at the scene, DSF officers determine that there is a legitimate active shooter threat inside the building. Officers establish a perimeter around the building and wait for tactical teams to arrive.

12:40 PM

• Local news crews arrive and begin live broadcast. The earliest images capture DSF tactical teams arriving at the scene and entering the building.

• Sporadic gunfire, screaming students and other noises can be heard in the live broadcast as concerned parents gather across the street.

Captain Burgess will announce later that the DSF tactical team was ambushed by students shortly after entering the building, resulting in the death of DSF officer Terry Butler.

1:10 PM

• Clouds of smoke can be seen coming from the windows in various parts of the school.

1:15 PM

• Students are seen running from the building through exits and first floor windows. Several students are witnessed lowering each other out of second floor windows. Many of the students are coughing and appear to be struggling to breathe.

• Unable to distinguish aggressors from innocent students, DSF corral fleeing students and seat them on the sidewalk outside of the building to await transport to a "safe, secondary location."

1:25 PM

• Formal evacuation of the school begins. DSF officers enter the building and begin...

[Story continues on page 12]


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