The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 10)


[Image 1: Overhead shot shows the narrator/journalist rounding the corner of city hall and encountering a group of approximately 30 people of various ages and genders. they are lined up between the side of the building and the sidewalk in two loosely formed rows, with the back row standing and the front row seated either in folding lawn chairs or on the ground. Most people are holding framed photos of their missing loved ones. Many additional photos can be seen set up on the sidewalk in front of them.

Image 2: Close up shot of the journalist taking photo. The camera and a ball cap conceal most of the journalists face.

Image 3: A small, elderly bald man in a 3 piece suit, bowtie and glasses has approached from behind and put his hand on the journalists shoulder. The journalist looks over their shoulder in surprise as the old man speaks:

"Excuse me - May I ask who you're taking those pictures for?"

- - -


From NNN to your local podcaster, every news source in the country is covering the Sept. 12 riot and the protest that followed. Reports of both incidents have varied widely and included more sensationalism than sources. Here's a rundown of what we know for sure:

10:30 AM, Tuesday Sept. 12

• Acheron DSF are notified of an unsanctioned, student-led protest inside North Acheron High School by a member of the faculty, as required by COND public school regulations.

• NAHS faculty are put into direct contact with Acheron DSF Captain Allen Burgess.

According to student witnesses, the protest began with a demonstration in a history classroom, followed by subsequent demonstrations in classrooms throughout the building. Students of all grades were involved, but the action was believed to have been organized by a small group of juniors.

11:50 AM

• Captain Burgess receives notification from NAHS faculty that the demonstrations are spreading and an opposition group is forming among the students. Verbal and physical confrontations are escalating quickly and a number of fights have already been broken up.

• DSF officers in the area are alerted to the deteriorating situation and instructed to be prepared to respond if needed.

• A pre-emptive Use of Force Order is granted to on site security as a precautionary measure.

12:10 PM

• School officials report to Captain Burgess that they have lost control of the student body. Widespread fighting has broken out in hallways, common areas and classrooms. Students are reported to be destroying property and attacking faculty members.


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