Journalist Assassinated at Protest

Three days ago, the world watched as thousands of citizens in Acheron packed into Victoria Square to protest the continued detention of hundreds of high school students. The live feed broadcast from the event went dark just after a loud noise, which we now know to have been a gunshot.

The following day, authorities reported that a man had been fatally wounded when a weapon in the crowd accidentally discharged. The victim was Myles Schneider, a reporter for The Acheron Herald. It is unclear whether Schneider was in attendance as a journalist or as a protester. Twenty-three year old student Riad Abdi was arrested on manslaughter and weapons charges in connection to this shooting.

This story is a lie.

Multiple witness videos have now surfaced showing Schneider's death as well as the moments leading up to and following the shot that killed him. Schneider's death was no accident.

In the final minutes of his live, Myles Schneider climbed to the top of an NNN production van, megaphone in hand, to share vital information with his community. His last words were recorded for all of us to hear, and very likely led to his death.

"Acheron was a FREE city! A new start! We came here to escape DSF occupation, and we never gave them any reason to turn this city into a police state. But that's what Acheron has become.

DSF patrol these streets and treat the citizens of Acheron like criminals. They intimidate us, and beat us, and arrest us for no good reason. They use military grade weapons agains us - against our KIDS - and then they blame us when people die.

A video has been leaked. It's all over the news. There was no active shooter. The vice principal fired his gun to break up a fight. Our kids are innocent. DSF knew before they went in. They shot those babies anyway!"

A loud crack rings through the night, followed by the screams of frightened protesters. This was the moment when NNN cameras went dark, but witnesses in Victoria Square kept recording. There are at least 3 cameras on Schneider when the bullet hits, striking him in the temple. his head is forced down and to his left by the impact, then he tumbles off the van and falls to the concrete below.

It is unlikely that a bullet would have accidentally hit Schneider perfectly in the temple just as he was accusing DSF agents of murdering children, but it is technically possible. What is not possible is for that bullet to have come from the crowd standing below Schneider when the videos show him being struck from above. The trajectory alone is evidence enough that the bullet that killed Myles Schneider did not come from a protesters on the ground. What happens in the moments that follow make it indisputable.

No one bothered to stop recording when they heard that first shot. They just started running. The footage is unclear, but at least eight more shots can be distinctly heard, one after another. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam...People shout to their loved ones as they run for safety. They're and diving behind patio walls and trash bins for cover. We see glimpses of bullets ricocheting of the ground behind people as they run, sending bits debris flying at their heels - but there is no indication that anyone is hit. Not even a graze.

What kind of shooter hits their first target precisely in the temple, then misses everyone when firing repeatedly into a crowd?

I'm no expert, but if someone were looking to silence and shut down a protest, this would be an efficient way to do it. The fact that these additional shots were not disclosed to the public by officials suggests that perhaps I am not alone in this assessment.

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