The ECHO: Day 2 (Pg 14)


Image 1: Caption: Camille, 86. Granddaughter in custody.

An elderly hindu woman sits in a lawn chair set up on the side of City Hall. A coupe stands behind her, partially cropped out of scene, a hand on the old woman's shoulder in support as she speaks.

"Two trains, a bus and I still have to walk six blocks. I've been down here three times in the last two days and I just can't do it again. I'm too old and I'm too tired.

These people took my granddaughter and want me to go home and wait. Well, this is public land, and as long as I'm not disturbing nobody, I have every right to be here. So I'm not going home. I'm going to sit right here and wait. I'll go home when they give me my grand baby. Until then, they're just gonna have to stand there and stare at my ugly old face."

Image 1: Caption: Tynesh + Soren Buechter. Son whereabouts unknown

The camera pans up from the old lady to the couple behind her. The woman has short, spikes hair and thick, round glasses. The man has a thick beard and wears a dress coat, scar and beanie. She speaks first:

"We offered her a ride but she wouldn't hear of it."

He continues:

"She told us 'out of sight is out of mind' and that was enough to convince me. We'll be right here beside her until they tell us where our son is and when he's coming home."

Article [Continued from page 13]

...Fliers include the following info:

Suspect 1: Patrick Pierce (male, 16)

Caucasion, black hair, brown eyes

135 lbs, 5 '- 8"

Last seen wearing jeans and white t-shirt.

Known to use alias "Rodent"

Suspect 2: Revel Rhodes (female, 16)

Caucasion, blonde hair, green eyes

115 lbs, 5' - 4"

Last seen wearing pink flannel shirt and dark leggings.

Suspects are believed to have planned and executed the political demonstration that erupted into violence at NAHS with the support of a large number of other students.

Suspects are not believed to be armed, but they are to be regarded as highly dangerous due to their large humber of followers who have demonstrated their willingness to use violence when confronted.

The community is asked to report any sightings and/or information to the nearest DSF officer.

Warrants have been issued for the immediate arrest of Pierce, Rhodes and all co-sonspiratos for the following crimes:

• Inciting Riot

• Felony Rioting

• Sedition

• Destruction of Government Property

• Conspiracy to Commit Insurrection

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