Another volume of spooky stories featuring Ohio legends and creators is on the way! This issue features "Muller's Military Horse," an 8 page, after dark adventure through one of Ohio's favorite theme parks.
The as yet untitled volume will be available in 2020. Follow me on social media or subscribe for updates and sneak peeks.  
Miscellania is an anthology series featuring short stories, comics, illustration and poems by 25 up an coming artists and writers. Issue #2 features over 100 pages of material including "Witches & Poppits" by New York Times Best Selling Author Melanie Karsak, an ode to independent creators by J.R. Mounts (creator of Fried Pickle Noir) and an 8 page mini comic by me!
Published by ElectroMagnetic Press
This 68 page anthology features Ohio legends and was created entirely by artists and writers in Ohio. Read about Helltown, the Serpent in the Sky, a river that literally caught on fire, and more.
Todd Zverloff, Kevin Kuder, Rodney Fyke, Eric VanRaepenbusch, Nicholas J. Marcellus, Scott Bachmann, Daniel Gorman, David Wilson, Aaron Lindeman, Joe Wood, Ethan DeBoard, John Booth, Aaron Archer, AJ Sabino, Caleb Thusat, Carrie Arnold, David Wilson, Chris Kasmer, and Adam Fields
With Pinups by:
Jason Christner, Sean Forney, Adam Fields, Cory Holliday and Chris Kasmar
Published by Singularity Studios, 2020